Custom Solutions

Automated Alerts

Add alerts to any script that you already have access to. These alerts can send emails, texts, and more! Reach out to get a quote and more specific details!

Use these alerts to automatically execute trades on external platforms using webhooks! These alerts can manage all aspects of a trade, from entering to exiting based on your strategy.

Custom Indicator/Strategy

Create a completely custom script that generates signals, backtests, or dispalys data, all completely based on your conditions.

Automatically backtest your strategy with custom settings and parameters. Please reach out to learn more about this feature!

Custom Screener

Create a complex screener that can display data from multiple indicators running on multiple timeframes or chart types.

Screeners allow you to view what data you need to see from a multitude of sources with one quick look.

Quickly tell what assets are right for your strategy!

John Krueger

Freelance Programmer
Custom Technical Indicators | Custom Automated Trading Signals | Strategy Backtesting

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  • FuzSolutions is quite adept at translating non-coder thoughts into Pine script code. The resulting project is clean, fast and does what I wanted it to do. I did not hear excuses of why something could not be done, which to me is a mark of a very good coder. So it was quite an enjoyable experience. We'll surely be working on future projects again.

  • The seller did an outstanding job. He created an indicator as per my description and I did not need to waste my time explaining again and again what has to be coded as it usually happens with other sellers. I will definitely work with the seller again!

  • One of the best coders out there. Smart, knowledgeable & a master at his trade. Delivery & the communication was simply amazing. Fuz even suggested a few changes which would make my strategy even more accurate. Had a wonderful experience. Thank you FuzSolutions, it was a pleasure Ps: I was delivered my product in less than 24 hours

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