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Premium Adaptive Oscillator | $60

2 Week Free Trial Available, send an email to [email protected] with your TradingView username to gain access

This indicator uses low-lag moving averages to quantify trend strength and display when these trends are reversing. Use the fully customizable settings menu to change the type and lengths of moving averages used, all colors, and more. You will also have the ability to change the size of the bull and bear zones, giving you control of the alert sensitivity.

These alerts, displayed on the chart as dots, show when the adaptive oscillator has moved out of the predefined zone. These dots often (but not always) indicate a strong reversal in the trend, use these signals as entry or exit points for positions. A longer selected period shows stronger and more long term trend changes, while a shorter period shows more short term changes. Adapt the preset lengths to match your trading strategy.

In the alert creation menu, you can configure custom alerts for every reversal dot that is displayed on this indicator. You can choose from the bullish dot, which appears at the bottom of the chart, or the bearish dot, which appears at the top of the chart. Note: the alerts correspond to the settings selected in the indicator at the time the alert was made and are fixed once the alert is created

  • Non-Repainting
  • Variable Trend Detection
  • Live Alerts
  • HMA, EMA, SMA and more supported
  • Multi-Length Support
  • Buy it For Life
  • Realtime
  • Automatic Dark Mode Support

John Krueger

Freelance Programmer
Tradingview® | Pinescript® | Automated Trading Signals | Financial Indicators

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