Custom Solutions

Automated Alerts

Add alerts to any script that you already have access to. These alerts can send emails, texts, and more! Reach out to get a quote and more specific details!

Use these alerts to automatically execute trades on external platforms using webhooks! These alerts can manage all aspects of a trade, from entering to exiting based on your strategy.

Custom Indicator/Strategy

Create a completely custom script that generates signals, backtests, or dispalys data, all completely based on your conditions.

Automatically backtest your strategy using TradingView's® built-in strategy tester. Please reach out to learn more about this feature!

Custom Screener

Create a complex screener that can display data from multiple indicators running on multiple timeframes or chart types.

Screeners allow you to view what data you need to see from a multitude of sources with one quick look.

Quickly tell what assets are right for your strategy!

John Krueger

Freelance Programmer
Tradingview® | Pinescript® | Automated Trading Signals | Financial Indicators

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